Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Harrow Community Action (HCA)?
HCA has been set up as a consortium of Harrow voluntary and community sector organisations to tender for and manage public sector contracts on behalf of the membership [pdf]. It has been set up to enable the Harrow voluntary and community sector to respond to the emerging preference on the part of local commissioners to have fewer or single contracts with larger providers.

Where does HCA get it’s funding from?
HCA will be applying for contracts on behalf of its members, a small management fee which will be retained by HCA. Due to HCA having no office or staff and the directors offering their time on an unpaid basis HCA costs will be kept to a minimum with the bulk of contract income being distributed amongst the members.

Is HCA an umbrella body for the sector?
No, HCA is not an umbrella body for the sector. HCA is a membership [pdf] organisation which is open to voluntary and community sector organisations who deliver 60% or more of their activity in Harrow.

Why do HCA members need to have 60%+ of their activity in Harrow?
The unique selling point of HCA is that it is a Harrow based consortium. Currently there are other borough based consortiums as well as a West London Health & Social Care Consortium (Desta). HCA aim not to duplicate voluntary & community sector consortiums that already exist. Organisations who work on a regional basis may be able to apply to Desta Consortium.

If our organisations does not meet the HCA membership criteria can it still access the other services provided by HCA?
Yes, organisations do not need to be a member of HCA to access the services provided by our delivery partners.

I am not happy with the services being provided by HCA, who do I inform?
If you are not happy with a particular service please contact the service provider directly.

If you complaint is not resolved HCA has a feedback / complaints form which can be completed anonymously. Any complaints received will be reviewed by a designated member of the board of directors and addressed at a HCA board meeting.

Harrow Community Action are a registered charity (no. 1167770) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 08599245).

c/o Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative (VAHC),
The Lodge, 64 Pinner Road, Harrow, HA1 4EJ

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